Authored by Thimo Kraemer

Simple FTP Mirror

A simple tool to create a local or remote mirror over ftp. This is not a backup utility! If you are interested in an online backup solution, have a look at boxbackup, duplicity or rdiff-backup.


Usage: sfm [-v] [-q] [-u username [-p password [-a account]]]
        store|retrieve|remove|info hostname[:port] [remotedir [localdir]]
-v: verbose (-vvv debug)
-q: quiet
-u username: ftp username (default anonymous)
-p password: ftp password
-a account: ftp account
store: mirror the content of localdir to remotedir
retrieve: mirror the content of remotedir to localdir
remove: remove remotedir recursively
info: prints some information about remote mirror
hostname[:port]: remote host
remotedir: remote directory (default initial)
localdir: local directory (default current)

Example: sfm -u myuser store /myfolder /my/folder
         Will mirror the content of local directory /my/folder
         to remote directory /myfolder 15.5 KB
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