Authored by Thimo Kraemer

LocalFS for Zope 2.13


LocalFS (Local File System) is an add-in product for the Zope web application server. It allows users to access the contents of the file system on a Zope server as if they were contained in the Zope Object Database.

It has been revised and updated for use with current Zope versions.

Previous versions can be found here and there.


  • LocalFS-1.12.tar.gz [2012-09-06, 50.53 KB]
    • manage_addFile now works with strings in addition to file-like objects
  • LocalFS-1.11.tar.gz [2012-01-25, 50.98 KB]
    • Complete rewrite of
    • Data is not longer loaded into memory on object creation
    • Added streaming support for images
  • LocalFS-1.10.tar.gz [2012-01-23, 50.83 KB]
    • Added builtin PythonScript (.py)
    • Removed management options that cannot be used
  • LocalFS-1.9.tar.gz [2012-01-22, 50.62 KB]
    • Added support for Zope 2.13 (should also work with Zope 2.12)
    • Fixed Webdav support (now ExternalEditor can be used again)
    • Cleaned up StreamingFile and added range support
    • Fixed support of .xml files (represented via ParsedXML)
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